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Keeping equipment

press equipment inspection services

On-site press equipment inspection services. This includes checking bearings, connections, condition of equipment & possible fractures in frame & other components, inspection of clutch or brake system operations, slide ram & bolster parallel, lubrication system & recommendations for safety & performance modifications.

IMR expert technicians can provide preventive inspection services to help eliminate costly down time on your production stamping equipment.

Our Inspection Services are available to keep your equipment safe, working and profitable.

  • With the dies removed, we will check all bearings, connections, etc. and record the clearances found.
  • Provide visual inspection and record information as to general appearance, condition and possible fractures in frame and other component parts.
  • Inspect the clutch/brake system operations, slide ram and bolster parallel, lubrication system and record the findings.
  • Furnish to you a twelve (12) page written report, what we found and our recommendations for safety and performance modifications with detailed pictures of components.

The suggested frequency of inspection depends on operating conditions. Experience may require you to alter the frequency. The final frequency established by you will be determined by the number of shifts worked, light or severe application, production cycles and experience factors.

Corrective action should be taken immediately to repair or perform required maintenance on any items found to be “unsatisfactory”. Do not permit the press to be used until all “unsatisfactory” items have been corrected. Replacement parts should be a current replacement item or an approved substitute. Should it become necessary to repair or replace any of the larger components, proper handling equipment must be provided. After all repairs and maintenance have been completed, the results should be checked. The press should be started and test-run to determine that everything is functioning properly.

Our Inspection services are available to keep your stamping presses up and running. Call for details or to request a quote.

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IMR Services

Repair, rebuild, retrofit and remanufacture of stamping presses


  • Welding and Brazing
  • Clutch, Brake, Bearings
  • Broken Gears and Shafts
  • Worn Ways and Gibs
Repair, rebuild, retrofit and remanufacture of stamping presses


  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Clutch/Brake Conversions
  • New Press Controls
  • Parts Upgrade
Repair, rebuild, retrofit and remanufacture of stamping presses

Field Service

  • Emergency Service
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Disassemble/Reassemble
  • Expert Troubleshooting
Repair, rebuild, retrofit and remanufacture of stamping presses

Press Inspections

Full Inspection includes:

  • Bearing Clearances
  • Clutch/Brake
  • Lubrication System, etc.